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The Story School
Keep the story going.

At both The Story School and Dragon’s Haven we were able to take risks and use our passion for fantasy and science fiction to create videos that connected with the audience in ways that had not been done before. Creating videos that provided viewers with an experience, not just a product, lead to an increase in viewership and a new standard of video production.

“Nicole quickly understood what our company needed (children with smiling, happy faces who are learning and enthralled with epic battles against monsters). She was on top of her daily duties and worked hard to capture the best shots. She surprised me with a beautiful "behind the scenes" video that really depicted the essence of what we do. She also did a cool, visually artistic video that had a mystical feel about it - something I normally would never have considered. She was reliable and talented, and took feedback very well - a rare mix to find. We are excited to continue our work with Nicole and look forward to seeing more of her videos.”


Meghan Gardner

Founder and Director of The Story School

Dragon's Haven: 
A Closer Look

We take a moment to learn more about Dragon's Haven, talking to counselors, campers, and parents about their magical experiences.

The Story School:
Behind the Scenes

The staff who keep the story running talk about their experience at Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp in Burlington MA and surrounding communities.

Dragon’s Haven:
LARP Trailer

All adventurers welcome to Dragon's Haven! A once-in-a-lifetime summer experience where kids can immerse themselves in the wonders of fantasy and fairytale.

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