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Take a look at how many video options you can explore that best work
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We shoot event highlights to build awareness for the next event. Link your cause to the video and allow those who weren't able to attend the event to donate. Keep those numbers building!

Come along for a day of family fun and festivities with HRCU at Apple Harvest Day in downtown Dover. 


Sponsor an interview series to share on the web to build awareness for your cause and mission. Help us give voices to those who need to be heard the most. 

John from Hubba Bubba Bros sat down with us to share how he overcame challenges in his life and why he's working to help others. 

HBB Interview - John
HBB Interview - John

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HBB Interview - John
HBB Interview - John

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Introduce yourself to the community and your cause. Establish a voice and audience for the change you want to see in the world.

Tedd from Cruiser Solutions shared where his passion for Land Cruisers came from and how they are more than "just a vehicle" to him and his family. 


Showing how a service or mission helps solves your audience’s pain points. They describe their challenge and answer about how your organization helped them.

Counselors, students, and parents share their magical experience at Dragon's Haven camp for a truly out-of-this-world adventure. 

But that's not all!
We also provide the following...

Podcasts: Sharing your voice in one of the most popular and up-and-coming mediums. 

How-To Videos: Teaching your audiences foundational knowledge about key functions or interactions with your organization. 

Livestream: Capturing the moment encourages active participation from your viewers and provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into current operations and events.


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