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Promoting the Future by Sharing the Past

Station Bee Studios began as a love letter project to the community.


The co-founders and authors of this project, Nicole and Sydney, both grew up in gorgeous Southern New Hampshire. Know that the world should, and can be a better place for all.


We believe we need to create the light ourselves in order to see our way out of the dark. Station Bee Studios serves as a box of kindling for companies and artists alike to do their part in making the world's light a little stronger.

Nicole Albee is incredible. Over the years she has been my competition, friend and mentor.

Nicole is one of the most dedicated and hardest working filmmakers I have ever met. Nicole

and I Co-directed a feature film in 2015 called “speakeasy” It was here when I witnessed her

amazing leadership qualities and her ability to unite people. Her leadership was uplifting

and was our backbone behind the project. Her skill level in film

has no limit and was the biggest reason our feature film was a success.

Nicole brings a strong force to anything she is a part of. I can say with complete confidence

that she will give one hundred percent of herself to the project and will not stop until the

project is one hundred percent perfect. Over the 5 years of knowing her I have watched her

win countless awards for film and have always been blown away by all of her productions. I

was very lucky to have worked with her, and I can guarantee I am not the only one to say

this. Nicole Albee is the most talented filmmaker I know, and I look forward to working with

her again some day soon.

Joe Fusco
Fusco Productions

Boston Lights at Franklin Park Zoo  Highlights

Bringing the studio to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA for the Boston Light show with Akello and his family!

Cruise Night in New Hampshire

Cruise night at the Nashua, New Hampshire Car Show where great rides and even greater people get together to share in their one true love: all things cars.

Salem Halloween Festival Highlights

Take a look at the some of the spooky things to do in Salem, MA on Halloween!

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